Yesterday, I came across an article titled “And I love a married man!” and it kept me awake for a long time

Not all women have a blissful and enduring marriage. Initially, everything may seem perfect – a man marrying the woman he loves, the arrival of desired children, and a beautiful life together. But suddenly, he utters those dreadful words: “You, this, I’m sorry… I loved someone else.” Or perhaps others tell you, “Your friend has a crush!”

In that moment, the ground crumbles beneath your feet, and you’re left wondering how to carry on. You’ve dedicated your life to your family, raised children, supported your husband, and now he leaves you when you’re over 40 years old. How do you explain this to your children and friends? You feel deeply humiliated and completely lost.

He abandons you in the world that once belonged to both of you, the world you built together over the years. He walks away not only from you but also from a warm family home, children, grandchildren, mutual friends, and shared memories. He starts afresh, leaving you with shattered ruins.

When I read articles like “And I love a married man!” I can’t help but think about my own marriage. We live happily, and I have a handsome, successful man. It’s possible that young, attractive women have fallen for him, and maybe he has developed feelings for someone too. For some reason, women never believe it could happen to them; they think their husbands are incapable of such actions. But then reality hits.

Sometimes fear grips my heart, and I contemplate whether my husband truly loves someone else and is torn between me and her. We can’t control our hearts, and nobody is immune to these emotions, but it hurts immensely.

People often say, “They don’t leave good wives!” Yet they do leave, even when their wives are good and virtuous.

Why men do this, we may never truly understand. However, I dream of spending the rest of my life with my husband. Eventually, our children will leave and start their own families, and we will be left alone once again.

In that moment, the ideal companion would be someone who has experienced all the joys and sorrows with you, with whom you have shared memories, and who knows you as well as you know yourself…