The girl made a heartwarming discovery when she found a letter in the ocean that had been written 16 years ago on the other side of the world

Nikki Saadat resides in Vancouver, Canada, and is passionate about environmental conservation. She frequently participates in beach clean-up activities to remove garbage. One day, while cleaning the beach, she noticed a plastic bottle being carried by the waves.

The bottle had no label or markings, but it was evident that there was something inside. Curious, Nikki opened the bottle and found a faded letter. However, she couldn’t comprehend the writing as it was in an unfamiliar language.

Nikki decided to take her find to the university where she was studying. She shared the discovery with her friends, but none of them were able to decipher the contents. It took a few weeks until she came across someone who could read the letter. It turned out to be written in one of the Indonesian languages.

The letter was a heartfelt message from a man named Joris Naikambo to his mother. It expressed deep love and regret towards his mother.

Joris apologized for not heeding her wise advice, for feeling ashamed of her occupation, which he considered less honorable, and for his arrogance. He acknowledged his mother’s hard work to provide food for him every day and admired her resilience. The date on the paper indicated it was written in November 2003.

Nikki attempted to locate Naikambo through social media but was unable to find any user with that name. She then reached out to Vancouver’s Indonesian community for assistance.

Only fragments of information about Joris were discovered. He is believed to be a Christian who grew up in a village in eastern Indonesia. He may have worked abroad or on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the available information.

Saadat holds hope that one day she will be able to find either the author of the letter or its intended recipient.