The biological parents refused to take the twins from the surrogate mother. What happened next is amazing…

John and Sarah are an ordinary married couple. They, like many other married people, dreamed of having a child. However, unfortunately, they were not destined to fulfill this dream on their own. It was then that their long journey began: first, the search for the best clinic for IVF, then a surrogate mother. It is not an easy road, but the couple, dreaming of becoming parents, were able to overcome all obstacles.

The day of childbirth. Expectant parents have long been informed by doctors about the unexpected news: as many as two babies will be born – two sisters! The birth turned out to be difficult, and the surrogate mother was nervous – more for the girls than for herself. They had to do a Caesarean section, but fortunately, the operation was successful.

Two beautiful and healthy girls saw this world for the first time. But the biological parents were not around. The doctors were never able to reach them.

John was first seen in the hospital only the next day. Surprisingly, he did not rush to the ward to see his children for the first time, but to the chief doctor’s office. Not much time passed, he came out and headed for the exit. This man was never seen again.

It turned out that John and Sarah had broken up. They quarreled and later ended their relationship. And the fact that they already had children together seemed insignificant to them…

Everything was told to the babies’ surrogate mother. The biological parents had not yet signed the documents, so technically these babies didn’t belong to anyone.

The surrogate mother listened attentively. She spent the next two hours in the ward, silent and thoughtful. Apparently, she didn’t have to make any decisions. From the moment the children were born, they were already her children. On the fifth day after giving birth, the man took the woman and the girls from the hospital. The new parents weren’t bothered at all that genetically these weren’t their babies because they already loved them.