Quarrelsome neighbors sued a woman over a high fence, but they ended up paying the price themselves

In the neighboring houses, there lived a lonely woman and an elderly man and woman. However, not all people become wise and understanding in old age; some of them turn into quarrelsome, gossipy individuals who make you want to cross the street.

The protagonists of this story happened to be such pensioners. They were constantly searching for a reason to start a “war.” And one of their neighbors, the woman who lived alone, gave them just that. She installed a new, expensive, and beautiful fence to secure her yard from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Naturally, the pensioners were outraged.

They didn’t create a ruckus but instead delved into the legal aspects. To their surprise, they discovered an interesting fact. Their neighbor’s fence exceeded the maximum height allowed by the law by 10 centimeters. The delighted pensioners promptly took the matter to court and filed a lawsuit, sparing no expense and even hiring a lawyer for support.

The woman had no choice but to hire a lawyer as well, who invited an expert to assess the fence and all the existing structures.

The expert pointed out that the neighbor’s house should have been positioned 25 centimeters further away from the fence, which separated the properties. This violation was much more significant than the excess height of the fence, particularly considering the fact that the woman had purchased a pre-made fence instead of constructing or designing it.

The owner of the fence didn’t ponder the situation for long and decided to file a counterclaim against her elderly neighbors.

The court hearing took place, and a decision was made, obligating the pensioners to “move” their house the appropriate number of centimeters away from the plot’s border. There weren’t many options available to achieve this:

Demolish the entire building.
Demolish a portion of the house, such as a wall.
Purchase the missing section of land from the neighbor.

Undoubtedly, all these options were expensive. Nevertheless, doing nothing wasn’t an option either, as there were deadlines for implementing the resolution. Failure to meet these deadlines would result in significant fines.

The simplest solution would have been to buy a 25-centimeter strip of land from the neighbor. However, that was not the case. The woman adamantly refused to sell. There were two reasons behind her decision. Firstly, she had to bear the cost of shortening the fence, as ordered by the court. Consequently, she felt offended and lacked the desire to assist her neighbors.

Secondly, by moving the fence, she would bring her own house closer to the plot’s border. Who knows if the elderly neighbors would take her to court again?

The pensioners began to “cry foul” and sought funds to demolish a portion of the building. They even posted notices on social networks. The required amount was substantial. However, no one was eager to help these individuals.