In the United States, a firefighter refused to extinguish his ex-wife’s house, and the court ruled in his favor

A woman named Helen found herself in a dangerous situation when a fire broke out in her house. Naturally, she called the firefighters, who arrived near the burning building and simply observed the fire without taking any action.

The American woman was furious, but the firefighters ignored her pleas and the burning house. Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the damages incurred.

During the trial, it was revealed that the woman’s ex-husband, Jim, served as the chief of the fire department. They had been married for 15 years, but the woman had betrayed him. Jim learned about the betrayal and decided to end the marriage, leading to their separation. Consequently, they went through a divorce process, which resulted in the woman obtaining ownership of the house.

Furthermore, the judge issued a restraining order, prohibiting Jim and his relatives from approaching Helen’s house within a 500-meter radius.

At a later time, a fire broke out in the woman’s house, and Jim responded to the call as part of his team. However, he instructed the driver to stop half a kilometer away from the house, as he did not want to violate the court order.

As a result, the woman called another fire brigade, but by the time they arrived, there was little left of the house.

During the second trial, while the woman sought compensation from the firefighters, Jim’s lawyer mentioned the restraining order. He also argued that the ban extended to Jim and his close associates, given that he had worked with his team members for over 10 years, considering them part of his inner circle.

The court ruled in favor of Jim, leaving Helen’s claim for compensation unsatisfied.