I have been dating a married man for almost a year

It all began at a work corporate party – first, we were chatting in the office, and then we moved to a café. That’s where I met him. He asked me to dance, and everything started spinning. We called a taxi together and shared a kiss. I gave him my phone number. The next day, he called, and we met again.

Since then, he has been visiting me constantly. He told me that he had been married for many years and that they lived in Belarus. His wife stayed there, but he couldn’t bear it and left. However, he always spoke highly of his wife. They had a grown-up son who now lives independently.

I had dreamt about someone like him my whole life – someone gentle, always giving compliments, noticing even the smallest things. Words cannot express how good he is. I fell deeply in love and now I don’t know what to do.

We meet whenever he can. When he comes, everything is fine, but when he doesn’t, I miss him and cry, even though there’s nothing I can do. Finally, I suggested that he move in with me, and we started living together. Every day, he greets me with “Good morning, my love!”

Sometimes he goes to visit his wife in Belarus, and we keep in touch during that time. She has never asked him for a divorce. He constantly tells me that he can’t live without me, that he is drawn to me like a magnet. But what about his wife?

He told me that if his wife finds out about our relationship, he will leave immediately. Once, he was in the bathroom, and I took his phone and insisted on reading his conversation with his wife. I discovered a deep love between them – they express how much they love and miss each other. When I asked him about it, he didn’t explain anything; he simply got up and left. But then love returned, and we were back in love again.

I think about him all day long because being with him feels so right. Once, I asked him why his wife didn’t drop everything and come to him. He said she wouldn’t. A year has passed, and she finally did.

After that, my beloved was torn between us. After work, he would come to my place, and then he would go to his wife. On Sundays, he couldn’t wait for the morning, so he drove across the city just to see me, hug me, and wish me a good morning. I cried tears of happiness, realizing that he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t truly need me. And recently, something unexpected happened – he told his wife about us.

His wife immediately confronted him, packed her bags, and went back to her place. But she wasn’t foolish; she started sending him text messages, claiming she was lonely and feeling unwell. He went to rescue her. During his time there, he never dialed my phone number, and he only wrote once to say he missed me. She tried to call him, but he didn’t answer.

Then I learned that he and his wife went on a vacation by the sea. I don’t know where to place myself in all of this. She has a significant influence on him. I don’t want to pressure him, and even if I did, I couldn’t.