Here’s what you don’t need to say to anyone: 6 tips from the sages

What could be better than the advice of wise people? They have come a long way in life, have a wealth of experience in various fields, and most importantly, they are ready to share the wisdom of their experience.

Today, we have prepared tips on what you should keep secret and never tell anyone.

Your plans. We mean plans for the distant future. Don’t tell anyone about them until your plans become a reality. There are many variables on your long journey, so at any time, something can go wrong.

Your heroism should remain a secret. You should not talk about the difficulties you have encountered on your way. Understand that everyone has their own road, their own life path. Everyone has their own dragons on the way, so your story may not seem as heroic as you think.

Keep silent about your charity, as it is your personal business. Talking about your generosity makes you look like a braggart and insincere person. If you have done a good deed, then you do not need to brag about how generous you are.

Everything that happens in your home should stay there. You shouldn’t talk about quarrels or complain about your family to your girlfriends or friends. Tomorrow you will get together again, but your friends will still have a bad impression of you and a wrong opinion. Take care of your family and friends.

Do not talk about your asceticism. Others do not need to know that you are on a diet or other restrictions. Close people may know such things about you, but everyone else does not need this information.

Do not speak ill of other people. If you are told that your coworker Ivan is a bad person, do not pass this information on. And don’t listen to such verdicts yourself. Allow yourself to form your own opinion about a person, and more importantly, do not impose it on others.