Can you solve these straightforward math problems?

Mathematics is a beautiful science that has led to numerous discoveries throughout history. It serves as the foundation for other vital disciplines such as medicine, chemistry, and physics. Even simple calculations, like counting calories, can help in achieving weight loss goals and attaining the desired physique.

Today, we won’t be asking you to invent new technologies or send anyone into space, but we do have some interesting tasks to engage your mind. Just like our bodies need physical exercise, our brains require regular mental stimulation to stay sharp.

We have prepared a few examples to make your free time more enjoyable. Give them a try and see if you can solve them.

What is the correct answer to this problem?

Have you figured out the solution?

What is the answer in this case?

Here’s another example for you.

Can you find the solution?

These simple examples not only provided a mental workout but also demonstrated that you have the potential to excel in math competitions. Perhaps you could even participate in a math Olympiad, although you’d be competing against second-graders. After all, victory is what truly matters!

Did you enjoy these tasks?