At a photo exhibition, I witnessed a man kissing another woman

My name is Emily. I am 24 years old. I am married. Well, I was married. It lasted almost three years. And I’m five months pregnant. Now I am a free woman. I divorced my husband. Even my pregnancy did not stop me: I cannot live with someone who betrayed and deceived me.

What I found out was just a huge shock for me. After all, my husband was so protective of me, so attentive and gentle. Nathan worked so hard so that we could live well. And here it is…

I will tell you about everything in order.

I have a friend, Ashley, she is fond of photography, she dreams of becoming a professional photographer. So she recently invited me to a photo exhibition. One famous artist exhibited his works in our city. The theme of the exhibition was so romantic: “Love on the streets of the city.” The photographer simply walked the streets of the city and photographed lovers. The photos were so beautiful: natural, not recorded, not staged.

I really enjoyed looking at these photos. I received great aesthetic pleasure. But only for a while. That is, until the time when I did not see my husband in one of the photos! I was just in shock. I did not lose consciousness and give birth at the same time.

At first, I thought it was just a guy in the photo who looked a lot like my husband. But after taking a closer look, I was forced to admit: no, unfortunately, it is still my husband in the photo. And he kisses his sister! Kisses on the lips! Suction!

This sister’s name was Samantha, she lived abroad. Nathan showed me her photos. She could not come to our wedding.

Then he called her husband and told him that I was sick and needed him urgently. Nathan excused himself from work and rushed home.

In general, I interrogated him. At first, he tried to make excuses. But what are the excuses when the facts are there. Undeniable.

And, in the end, Nathan told me everything. I was just in shock. I simply could not believe that I lived with this person under the same roof for so many years! And he turned out to be such a scoundrel!

Nathan admitted to me that Samantha is his mistress from Bulgaria. And they have a wedding soon. He wanted to leave me, marry Samantha, and go live abroad.

They met on the Internet on a dating site, first corresponded, chatted on Skype, and then Nathan invited her to our city. Here, as if for evil, they were photographed by that photographer.

Samantha did not know that Nathan was married, that his wife was pregnant. Nathan had two passports: he simply went to the police and wrote a statement about the loss of his passport. Soon he was able to get a new passport that did not have a marriage stamp. According to this passport, he was going to marry Samantha. And he lived with me based on his old passport, which he never lost.

Thought it all out, scoundrel! And here is this photo at the exhibition!

She ruined all my husband’s plans.

I decided to call Samantha and tell her everything.

Nathan begged me not to do this: he so dreamed of living abroad. But I decided that it would be unfair to Samantha and still called her.

Samantha was simply shocked by what she heard. She trusted Nathan very much and could not even imagine that he could deceive her like that.

He even showed Samantha my photos and said that I was his sister. Samantha just didn’t know what to do: it turns out that Samantha’s parents were very famous people in their town, so almost the whole town was invited to the wedding. How will she now inform her parents that the wedding will not take place because the groom turned out to be a scoundrel? In general, their family will be ashamed of the whole town!

In the end, I told Nathan to collect his belongings and go in every direction. And he decided to tell me everything about his despicable plans towards the end: it turns out that he has already found buyers for our apartment. He planned to have a fight with me in a couple of days so that I would go to my parents. And he himself would draw up the agreement for the sale of the apartment, take the money, and flee abroad.

This was his plan! How could someone be so unscrupulous!

After all, half of the money for the purchase of this apartment was given by my parents for our wedding! And he wanted to take everything for himself. And leave your child without a home. That’s a real man! Don’t say anything!

In the end, we broke up. Nathan is no longer in my life. I will soon become a mother. I really hope that I will be able to raise my son into a decent person. A person who will be incapable of betrayal and meanness. I will do everything for this.

That’s how, thanks to a simple accident, I learned the truth and did not stay near the broken trough: alone, with a child, and without an apartment.