Annegret Rauning, a German woman, became a mother of quadruplets at the age of 65. Let’s see how the family’s life unfolded over the years

It is not uncommon nowadays for women to decide to have children after the age of 40. Some intentionally wait, aiming to establish themselves professionally first, while others try unsuccessfully for a child until luck finally smiles upon them.

Annegret Rauning, a German woman, became a mother again at the age of 65. Prior to this, she had already raised 13 biological children and even had the joy of taking care of 7 grandchildren.

What motivated a woman of such age to give birth again? Annegret has always had a great love for children, and she was certain that having one more baby would not be a problem. Especially since her youngest daughter, 10-year-old Leila, had been yearning for a little sister or brother.

Despite doctors warning about the serious risks involved, Annegret chose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). Although she did not plan to have four babies at once, she believed that since it had happened that way, it must be fate.

Annegret works as a teacher and has raised all of her children on her own. With the addition of the four newborns, she secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Currently, the family enjoys a prosperous and fulfilling life. When the quadruplets turned three years old, the family relocated from Berlin to a spacious house in Herster.

Additionally, Annegret received two awards from local authorities, and it is said that she signed a contract with a television channel that obtained the rights to document the life of the Rowning family.