A woman spent a long time in tears after losing her wedding ring. Thirteen years later, she found it in an unexpected place…

Losing a valuable item, especially one with symbolic significance, is undoubtedly a challenging experience!

An 84-year-old woman from Canada knows this all too well!

Mary Grams lived on her farm in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, Norman, for over 60 years. Thirteen years ago, while working in the garden, she accidentally dropped her ring.

“We searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found,” recalls Mary.

To make matters worse, Mary had been wearing the ring continuously since 1951 without ever taking it off.

She chose not to tell her husband about the incident, saying, “I simply didn’t want to upset him.”

Sadly, Norman passed away five years ago, shortly after celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. He never discovered the ring’s disappearance.

This week, Mary received an incredible surprise…

The farm where the couple lived had been in their family for over 100 years. Hardly anyone expected such a turn of events…

“I immediately realized that I had experienced an unbelievable surprise,” reminisces Mary.

She promptly called her daughter and shared the story with her.

Her daughter, Coleen, was also astonished. Such a thing probably happens once in a million years.

It had been 13 years, and the discovery was truly unexpected. “I tried it on, to see if it would fit my finger. And it did!”