A woman penned an extraordinary letter to her ex-husband, inspiring thousands of women!

In many cases, when couples go through a divorce, they speak about their ex-spouses with resentment. It’s commonly believed that if there were no grievances, the divorce wouldn’t have happened. However, one woman, who faced challenging emotional moments during her separation from her husband, managed to discover moments of genuine gratitude. She expressed her appreciation to her former husband in an open letter.

To my dear ex-husband,

Today marks the end of the fifteen years I spent with you. As you can see, I have completed the process, from the initial wedding registry signing to my signature on the divorce papers. Now, I embark on my newfound freedom with a clear conscience. And in this moment, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have bestowed upon me.

Thanks to you, I learned to navigate through life’s various challenges, such as losing keys, money, or a mobile phone. I always found a way to handle these situations independently, saving you from unnecessary stress.

Thanks to you, I learned to administer injections. When our children fell ill and we couldn’t summon a nurse, you would faint at the sight of a syringe. It was then that I gathered the courage to comfort their innocent bottoms with a steady hand, and subsequently revive you.

Thanks to you, I acquired the skills to tackle any household repairs. Hammering a shelf became effortless, and changing the sink’s drain pipe became routine. You never had enough time or energy for such tasks, so I had to acquaint myself with tools like a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and hammer. Now, I am unafraid of being alone at home without my husband.

Thanks to you, I became adept at negotiating with law enforcement officers, handling traffic violations, paying fines, and composing explanatory letters. By the way, after your driver’s license was revoked, I had to learn how to drive because I was the one responsible for transporting your inebriated self home from wild parties.

Thanks to you, I have maintained a well-toned figure due to constant movement. Whether it was hauling bags of groceries or digging the entire garden with a shovel because you suddenly experienced a spasm in the fifth toe of your left foot, preventing you from getting up from the sofa.

Thanks to you, I acquired proficiency in multiple professions because someone in our family had to be the breadwinner.

And for what I am genuinely grateful for is that you ultimately left me, weary of your delicate nature that I never quite understood. You departed, slamming the door behind you, and perhaps that’s why I didn’t hear the sigh of relief that escaped my chest.

Thank you sincerely, my former partner!