A man told his wife that she was no longer a young beauty. The woman’s response was brilliant

30 years of marriage is a long time. However, on this particular day, the wife was hurt by words spoken by her husband. The man believed that he deserved a better fate than sharing a bed with a 53-year-old woman. Nevertheless, the wife responded in a remarkable manner that caught the attention of many of her peers.

The man reminisced about their past, how they lived in a modest apartment, drove an old car, slept on a couch, and watched black-and-white TV instead of color. But back then, he was captivated by his 23-year-old beautiful wife.

Now, they have a spacious house, two luxurious cars, a wonderful double bed, and a brand new LCD TV. Yet, the man feels discontented about having to sleep beside his 53-year-old wife. Doesn’t he deserve a younger partner?

The wife listened attentively and responded succinctly, saying, “Fine! Go, no one is stopping you. But if you wish to find a 23-year-old beauty, then you will have to relive your youth: live in a small apartment, drive an old car, sleep on a small sofa, and watch football on a black-and-white TV!”

In my opinion, this was a remarkable response. The woman did not stoop to insults or highlight her husband’s shortcomings. Instead, she reminded him of the journey they had shared throughout their entire lives, deserving respect in itself. If he wants to recreate the emotions of his youth with someone else, he will have to start from scratch.