A father purchased Monster Spray for his daughter from the drugstore, and now everyone he knows is doing the same!

Parents with young children are well aware of how often their little ones can be tormented by nightmares and the fear of monsters. To children, these dreadful creatures lurking under the bed, behind the door, and inside the closet can seem all too real.

But this dad discovered a clever way to address the monsters that his daughter’s vivid imagination conjured up. Baby Maya was sometimes even afraid to be alone in her room.

One day, he visited the nearest pharmacy and made a rather unconventional request to the pharmacist. As a result, “Monster Spray” joined the lineup of “magic potions” available for sale there. Its formulation consisted of the least harmful ingredients: water and essential lavender oil. However, in a child’s imagination, it transformed into an incredibly potent elixir.

To make it even more convincing, the father designed a label for the spray bottle, complete with usage instructions. He drew inspiration for this idea from a discussion on a parents’ forum.

The outcome of this ingenious idea was swift: Maya’s fear of the frightening monsters in her room vanished, and many other parents started following the inventive father’s example.