10 years ago, my wife and I had a big fight. Suddenly, she asked me a serious question that made me think. Since then, there hasn’t been a single scandal in our family

This story happened 10 years ago. At the time, I was 29 years old, and my wife was 25. We both worked and were raising our young daughter.

That day, I was very tired and hungry. When I arrived home, I saw my wife playing with our child. I went to the kitchen expecting a delicious dinner, but I was disappointed. My wife said she was very tired and had no energy to cook.

I got angry and exploded into a rage, and my wife didn’t hold back either. I started blaming her for everything, and my daughter began to cry, but that didn’t stop me. She ran up to my wife and started hugging her. To calm down, I went to the kitchen and sat down on a chair.

Later, my tearful wife put the baby to bed and came to the kitchen. I was about to lose my temper again, but my wife silently went to the fridge, took the yogurt, and told me:

“Think about it, would you want such a man for your daughter?”
At first, I let those words pass me by. When I went to bed on the couch, I really thought about it. Indeed, my princess deserves only a perfect relationship, whether she is 20, 30, or 40 years old. To me, she will always be my little girl.

I wouldn’t want that kind of fate for my daughter, for her to cry so often while listening to her husband’s reproaches over a missed dinner or dirty dishes.

The very next morning, I made breakfast and apologized to my wife. Since then, we haven’t had any more serious quarrels, and that incident has stuck in my mind.